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Building Control Systems

The services available from Cube are extensive and cover all aspects of the control system industry.

Our controls experts provide extensive design and consultancy services to ensure the right fit for your building and to guarantee energy efficiency. Our specialist operatives guarantee cost effective system installation and modification, and a reliable maintenance service to both pre-empt and prevent failures. Additionally they supply System integration with third party equipment, the future of building control.

Building Controls Explained

Building Management System (BMS)

A Building Management System is a computer-controlled technology that can be used to simultaneously control the mechanical and electrical equipment within the building. This can incorporate the heating, ventilation, air conditioning, lighting, power and security systems. In addition, it also forms the perfect platform to automatically data log a building’s environmental conditions and subsequent metering solutions.

Co-ordination of the technologies needed to effectively run your building can provide a reliable solution for smooth running day-to-day.

MCC Control Panel

An MCC control panel is the electrical house within which your control system lives. Every building has at least one, if not several, of these, and they are responsible for electrical switching and overload protection of the HVAC Plant, such as pumps, boilers and air handling units.

The devices within an MCC panel are for the most part electro-mechanical switches and overloads that, with time, wear out. Our experience and expertise at Cube encompasses new MCC panel design as well as repair and modification of existing units.

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Control Systems

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